Shadow Shields

SSwhiteback - Shadow Shields

Ever try to achieve that Red Carpet Smoky Eye, only to end up looking more like a raccoon than a fox? Well, look no further! Shadow Shields are the answer to flawless eye makeup application every time!

SSwhiteback 150x150 - Shadow Shields

Shadow Shields

Eliminate eye shadow fallout with this hands-free, disposable, time-saving secret weapon! Apply these half moon shaped gems under the eye before applying eye makeup to catch any and all excess product that falls! When done, gently remove shield and say Hello… To Flawless Eye Makeup!

As seen on E! News, The TODAY Show and in ‘O, The OPRAH Magazine,’ Shadow Shields are being used by top celebrity makeup artists and giving everyday women the confidence they need to apply eye makeup like a pro!

SS Step1 - Shadow Shields

Remove top corners of backing and apply shield below the eye

SS Step2 - Shadow Shields

Apply eye makeup

Helpful Tips

  • Remove only top corners to apply. If more adhesion is needed, remove entire top strip.
  • Application of shield doesn’t have to be directly on lash line- it can be applied under the bulge of the eye or wherever most comfortable.
  • When applying shield, allow backing to crease-it will form a small lip, helping to catch the fallout!

30 Shadow Shields per box

*Serendipity is a recognised international retailer of Shadow Shields & imports Shadow Shields direct from Shadow Shields USA*Quantity: RM 35Price: