serendipidity - About


– noun

  1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident

Launched in 2010, Serendipity is the dream of 4 self-proclaimed beauty junkies. As our name suggests, we’re simply about discovering cult beauty must-haves and sharing it with the world. And by beauty, we mean any little thing that’s simply fabulous! So we scour the globe for unique finds from cosmetics to accessories and all things in between – nothing is off limits if we just hafta have it!

We love that the small boutique brands we ‘discover’ add some much needed variety & spice to the big brands that are readily available. After all, isn’t beauty all about exploring and experimenting? And while we too are still slaves to high street brands, we get quite passionate about unearthing the diamonds in the rough. And you’d be surprised by just how many ‘gems’ out there already have a cult following – it’s only a matter of knowing where to look!

We aim to provide a one-stop online beauty boutique for every cult favourite we’ve stumbled upon that has become part of our HG arsenal. All products featured have been handpicked because we believe they’d make a wonderful addition to any girl’s wardrobe – so just think of us as a girlfriend sharing her latest finds with you.

And the search is not over! We’re always on the lookout for that next great find. You never know, it may just be that elusive item you’ve been looking for! Every girl needs a beauty arsenal, so we hope you adore our discoveries as much as we do!- See more at: /about/