Staying Happy As University Students

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Staying happy at all times is impossible. Whether you are an accounting student, marketing student, or a business student preparing her MLM business software, staying happy itself can become stressful. 

This task of remaining healthy, happy, and optimistic has become even harder with the pandemic. Noone imagined rolling out of the bed, and in their pajamas to attend class. While this was ideally okay, it is not making our life any easier. Online classes are hard. ( it’s a bummer, indeed). 

But there are ways you can manage your student life to be happier and feel better. 

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  1. Getting Your Beauty Sleep

8 hours of sleep is important for any functioning adult. Sleep is often neglected by a lot of students. They are neglected to meet deadlines or a college party. Some ignore it for a late-night pizza and Netflix party while others simply ignore it to catch up with the day-to-day life on social media. But sleep is vital. Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps you focus better, improves your attention span, decision making, and other daily life functions. You are able to have a more productive day if you sleep on time and wake up after a good amount of 8 hours. 

  1. Develop The Habit Of Exercising 

Exercise has so many benefits to both our physical and mental health. Exercising can help us kickstart our day on a more productive note. There are so many exercises you can venture into. It is not only a series of HIIT that fulfills your exercise quota. You can have 30 minutes of low-impact cardio or even spend fifteen minutes skipping rope. Some people use weighted hula hoops to enjoy their fitness regime. So next time, call your friends and enjoy hula hopping with them on a video call. 

  1. Stay In Touch With Family And Friends

Your family and friends are your rock during hard times. They are the companions that can help you through tough times. Lean on your friends and family and stay connected to make sure you don’t feel lonely during this time of the pandemic. You can stay connected and in touch through online games, or even virtual study groups. 

  1. Restrict Your Social Media Time 

Social media can be extremely toxic, especially now. Social media promotes toxic habits and can be extremely addictive. People tend to spend 3-5 hours of their time mindlessly scrolling through social media. Social media can be a form of self-harm if used in a negative manner. When you spend time comparing yourself and your progress to those over the fabricated lives of the internet, it can get extremely disheartening. 

Seeing others show off getting into their dream college or losing weight is not a reason to believe you are failing. Everyone is on their own road to success. Success is also very subjective. But the idea of success has evolved with social media too. Kids these days measure success with social media fame and this puts enormous pressure on students to put on a fake demeanor that impacts their mental health. 

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