Self Care For Moms During The Pandemic

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It is with complete frustrations we learn that we are far from being in the post-pandemic world. However, all hope’s not lost. We are on a slow path of recovery as the authorities double down on vaccinations and aggressive tactics to tackle the crisis of the global outbreak. Since March 2020, the world health organization officially declared a pandemic and we have been in one since. The global health crisis has so far shared a lot of similarities to other large crises around the world. The after-effects of the pandemic are yet to be uncovered but we can surely say that mothers and newborns in the pandemic are facing the worst. Mothers are in desperate need of proper access to Mothercare products like the best nursing cream, with the essential side of proper mental health care.

Childcare is a critical experience and this experience is completely aggravated and disrupted as a result of the pandemic. Many have refrained from beginning children to this world because of the crisis. Despite being locked in our homes, we are far from facing a baby boom. 

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Mothers are deprived of societal care, isolated, and forced into quarantined forms because of the pandemic. This has developed a surge in the number of moms with anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health issues. Postpartum care is also coming on slow as depression and anxiety combined with the covid 19 stress. 

Even before the pandemic self-care for mothers has been extremely crucial. But with the global outbreak, the need for self-care among moms has become absolutely essential. Spouses and family needs to start encouraging mothers to take care of themselves even mor during the pandemic. Taking care of our baby does come first, indeed. But a baby can only be well taken care of with a healthy and strong mother. Without self-care, it hinders the psychological well-being of the mother. 

In order to practice proper self-care, it is important to stay connected with one another. One of the first steps of self-care for moms includes trying to gap the isolation they are experiencing. In order to help the feeling of being alone and isolated, online groups and chats come in handy. There are so many great online mom support groups with professionals backing up and guiding them. Online aid is one of our biggest tools and it is important that we encourage mothers to use them for their mental health. 

Next up, it is important that mothers get their alone time. As much as the world likes to tell that mothers need to spend their every living minute with babies, this is certainly not true. Babies also got their fathers for support and care. They have family members and friends too. A mom only got herself to take care of. She needs to be well and fit before she can take care of a baby. This is why mothers need to take all the necessary breaks they need. Away from all the hassle, baby cries, and monitors, they need to be given the time to do their own thing. Whether it be exercise, or skincare or even just sleep.

This pandemic is not going to be with us forever. But the stress of the pandemic and its impact can possibly last forever and this effect is going to be more visible among mothers. However, with proper self-care and interventions from mental heath care professionals, we can take of our well-being.