How To Stay Productive Throughout The Day

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Success should certainly no longer be defined by the salary or the size of the house we get. But rather it should be based on how content we are with our jobs and how much time we get to do the things that we love, whether it is sports betting or reading our favorite books. 

We hear most of these tips every day from the daily podcast or the Instagram posts we scroll past. Influencers boast about how important productivity is in their daily routine to achieve their fabulous goals. Maybe there is a lot of truth to these productivity tips and strategies. Let’s talk about the top productivity strategies that are backed up by scientific findings. 

  1. Sleep, (But Sleep The Right Amount)

This one is quite the obvious, yet the least implemented by most of us.

We say we don’t have time for sleep, or that we are too busy for it and to a certain extent this is quite true. We are overwhelmed with deadlines to meet and meetings to arrange. On top of all that trying to catch beauty sleep is hardly our priority, right?

But the sad reality is when we don’t get sufficient sleep, we are unable to work efficiently and be more productive throughout the day. Perhaps catching up on sleep might help us keep better track of our to-do list. It can keep us energized and on our toes.

Oversleeping or sleeping too little can inhibit our focus and attention and it can decrease our efficiency, making us more prone to errors. This was backed up by a study conducted by Harvard, where they assessed the impact of sleep on workplace safety. 

  1. Find Your High Points Of The Day 

We don’t have the same consistent energy level throughout the day. Personally, for me, I tend to be at my best when it is 9 PM, three hours right before bed. (I know, it’s a little weird). But that’s just me and your highest points might be different from mine.  There are times we cannot force the work that we even love doing during our low energy points. Sometimes we just need to snuggle under the blanket and read a book or relax during this time. An episode of 20 minutes never hurt the efficiency of our work now, did it? 

Our cognitive functions are not at optimum at all times of the day. Meaning that our ability to recall, our working memory,  making decisions, solving problems may all depend on the “when”. Next time, make sure to take note of your optimal time for productivity. 

  1. Put Yourself And Your Happiness First 

Learn how to prioritize yourself and your happiness. It is not the happiness of your boss that should matter at the end of the day. Pleasing your supervisors comes with part of the job, but not at the expense of your happiness. 

Productivity is scientifically linked to how our neurotransmitters react and work. Dopamine, the neurotransmitter that is responsible for our happiness, can help us be more productive. Your brain just tends to function better when you are in a happier state. A pampered human being who is happy just tends to be more productive than who tries to work in a mentally disturbed or distressed state. Put yourself first, be grateful and strive for your own happiness. 

  1. Break Down Your Goals Into To Do Lists

To-do lists are so important. They don’t lose their importance just because the times have changed. In fact, the importance of to-do lists is more important now, more than ever. Science suggests that when we break down our goals into mini to-do lists, or rather specify a plan on how we will carry out our goals, it helps us with our efficiency. Learn to celebrate when you finish your mini to-do lists. Don’t focus all your energy on celebrating when you achieve the bigger picture. The picture is a result of striving to motivate yourself to do the tasks your to-do list entails everyday. 

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