How To Improve Your Digital Literacy And Skills

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Digital literacy is so important in today’s age and time. One of the many lessons of the pandemic is that the world is changing and digitizing and we have to be part of the change rather than the ones watching it unfold. Being part of the digitization of the world means being equally digitally active as the rest of the world and teaching yourself some important digital hacks, skills and so on. 

Today, we will focus on different ways we can improve our existing digital skills, and competency in the digital world, without having to splurge a lot of bucks on it. Whether we know it or not, simple changes in how we consume the internet can easily change how we navigate the digital world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can teach ourselves crucial digital skills. 

Use Social Media Consciously 

Most of our time and effort is normally spent on consuming social media content. Have you evaluated how you have been using it lately? Are you actually using it to learn something new every day or is it some sort of compulsion and an unhealthy habit for you? Taking a clear look at our motive for social media and the patterns of usage can help us identify new ways we can use it consciously. This consciousness must contribute to our education on digital skills.

A huge part of social media is about creating content and learning from them. In the process of creating and teaching others, we learn a lot of various digital skills and social media skills. However, we can only learn by using social media for bigger purposes than just Instagram. Making meaningful connections, sparking thought-provoking conversations, sharing your valuable knowledge in various formats, doing research, are all different ways to utilize social media and teach yourself digital skills. 

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Understand Your Online Identity 

Did you know that you have an online identity and an offline identity? These are two different things in the psychology of the internet. How we approach the internet world may not be the same as how we confront the offline world. But understanding the key differences in both can help us take on both worlds and create an efficient balance between the both. If your offline personality is someone who grinds, works hard, is resourceful and so on, you can divert these traits into your online identity as well. Understanding our online identity helps us get out of our comfort zones, balance the negative implications of internet usage and improve our social media consumption to make it more productive as well. 

Navigate With Different Digital Tools

There is more than one type of digital tool. It is not surprising that we have more than a dozen mobile apps and tools at our disposal. But how often do we use them? It is important to understand our own interests and take on new interests to learn how to use various digital tools. Maybe for our creativity, we can take up a new design tool and master it slowly. If you want to expand your network, then you can learn how to use a new type of network. If you need to create a new infographic, then you can learn how to use infographic tools if you want to improve the efficiency of your work, you can invest in a server backup Malaysia and understand how it works for your work life. There are so many different types of applications and tools on the internet and it is important that we learn as many as we can. 

Learning digital skills not only improves our own productivity, but it makes us very impressive and attractive prospects on the job market. The more we engage in the digital world, even through simple tools, the more we learn new skills. So, keep hustling and learning every day!