How To Attract Customers Through Social Media

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In 2020, there were 30.41 million social media users in Malaysia. This number is estimated to grow up to 33.46 million users by the year 2025. The growing number indicates the strong relationship between social media and the current population in Malaysia. The growing usage of social media means invaluable business opportunities for business owners and startups utilizing social media and marketing in Malaysia.

There are several ways to foster attention and attraction towards a brand through social media. Whether you are a creative agency or an influencer to attract attention you must go back to understanding the basics of social media marketing. The 4E’s of social media marketing gives us an overview of what must a business look to implement in their content strategy in social media.

What are the 4E’s of social media marketing? Educate, Engage, Entertain, Evangelize.

  1. Education 

In the current era, people no longer use social media to merely socialize. social media is where people go to learn and stay up to date with current events and trends. A brand becomes useful to the social media user when your potential customers begin to learn from you. your branded content must be meaningful to them. Indeed, It is a vexing challenge to keep your customers attracted to you but when you deem yourself as an invaluable source of information to customers, people are naturally drawn towards the brand for constant guidance and help. Being educational also is an indication of how credible and reliable the brand is.

  1. Engagement 

We hear about how important it is to engage your customer when it comes to our content. We often underestimate how short the attention span of our customer segment is. Generation Y reportedly have shorter attention spans and generation Z has an even shorter one. The key to pulling customers towards you is by trying to grab their attention within these short seconds. In the era where short videos take the win on engaging content, businesses need to find a way to strategically increase their engagement rate. This can be done through active communication through Instagram stories, Snapchat, engaging tweets, and sharing relatable videos.

  1. Entertainment 

Entertainment for each business and niche could mean a different thing, however, it is universal that no individual wants to follow a boring business with no sense of humor, light-heartedness, and warmth. To remain visible and be remembered by your target audience, humor can go a pretty long way. Sharing visuals is the easiest way to make your customer feel happy. Going the extra mile to keep them entertained and happy will help you earn a customer for a lifetime.

  1. Evangelize 

Evangelize is to spread the word of mouth about your company through your customers and brand ambassadors. Social media has given brands the opportunity to utilize evangelism and convert their customers to brand evangelists by sharing brand passions with them. This form of evangelism is based on how customers perceive and experience your brand so it is essential to have a strong customer service strategy combined with high engagement. 

Social media is constantly evolving in many unpredictable manners, but what we can understand and learn is the social media user and how we can engage with them. A successful business is not the one with vanity measures of success on social media but rather the one that chooses to have a real connection with its following. It is important for brands to utilize these 4 E’s in their social media marketing to keep their branded content as optimized as possible.