How Consent Is Given And Can Be Taken Back

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Consent is needed for everything. Whether you’re making a decision to do something that involves someone else or when you want to do something to or with someone else. The only time consent wouldn’t be needed is when you’re doing something on your own and it does not involve anyone else or affect anyone else. Basically, it’s like permission. This includes when you’re in a relationship and you want to try something new with your partner.

Nowadays, a lot of people are aware of consent and how important it is. However, that is not the case for some people who still have the mindset of the times back then. Old habits die hard, they say. But it becomes a problem when it mentally or physically hurts someone. You see, a lot of cases of rape are considered invalid due to the fact that the rapist claims the rapee was complicit. However, in most of these cases also, the rapee was under the influence or wasn’t in the right mind to give consent. Let me explain further:

What Consent Looks Like

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When you ask for consent like “can I do this?” or “would you be okay if I did this?” and the person you’re asking says “yes, you can do that”, that is consent. However, it is invalid when the person you’re asking is under the legal age of consent, which is 18, or under any sort of influence, aka, drugs, alcohol, etc. This is because you would be basically manipulating them into giving consent or taking advantage of them. Either way, it is wrong. The person you’re asking for consent from should be over the age of 18 and sober for you to actually receive consent. In some cases of people who are under the influence, it’s alright as long as you have agreed beforehand. 

Remember, do not assume anyone’s consent. Be it by how they dress or how they behave, you should never assume that a person would give you consent. 

When Consent Is Invalid

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, consent is invalid when the person you’re asking from is either underaged or under the influence of anything. A lot of rape cases are overlooked because the rapee was drunk or taking drugs. To me, it shouldn’t be overlooked just because the victim was under the influence. This is because it means that the rapist was, nonetheless, taking advantage of the victim. Thus, it is still wrong. Moreover, consent is invalid if you keep on pressuring them or somehow persuade them into giving consent. By law, consent obtained by manipulation, persuasion or by force is not considered consent. When they say no, you should stop pursuing. When they say they aren’t comfortable or they don’t feel like doing whatever, stop pursuing. Along with that, you cannot assume consent just because you have a close relationship with them. Even when you’re college students in love, never assume consent.

How Consent Can Be Revoked

Say if a person has given you consent, and later on, the person feels uncomfortable or they feel like they’re not okay with what you’re doing and express that, that means they revoke the consent. Consent can be given and taken away at any time and when a person takes away that consent, you should respect that and stop pursuing it. The activity could be as simple as making out or introducing sex toys to the relationship, if consent is revoked, respect it. If consent is given, then knock yourself out and check out this sex toys Malaysia now.