Essential Choices For Smart Time Fibre Solutions

leading Time fibre package

Turn off everything that uses the internet bandwidth when playing online (smartphone, tablet, pc etc.). Let alone then surf with your pc while playing or worse still download torrents or anything else during the game. You can choose the leading Time fibre package in this case and a decent digital device.

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Set The Modem / Router Properly

Set ports and nat of the router (Fastweb, other providers ).

Connect Via Ethernet

Cable connection is always better than wireless; ping and better network parameters.

If you have many telephone / internet sockets in your home, purchase a splitter (costs less than 10 €) which allows you to direct all the signal strength where it is needed. Or create a unique path excluding other sockets.

Even if there is no verifiability, all users (and customers) of a provider suffer a drop in the performance of their internet connection after a few months from the conclusion of the contract. It is good to keep control over the parameters by doing tests such as those offered by (completely free). To date, you can evaluate the internet connection (with legal value for the purpose of withdrawal) also thanks to the Communications Authority by visiting this page and of which we show you their introductory video:

The Best Provider In The Country

As for the internet, the best provider is difficult to define but let’s analyze in detail some typical situations.

  • If you have a connection with any operator but this uses a whoesale technology (for example) so to provide you with the line it relies on other operators, it is good to switch to the owner of the line . Needless to say, doing so many laps for nothing is useless. You are among the most unfortunate, make up your mind while waiting for the arrival of other managers with their lines.
  • Affordable price offers are often traps for the careless user. Often there are sensational offers bordering on the impossible. Find out what type of coverage you have. If you have a 6 megs it is useless to take out a 20 megs contract, you will always have 6 megs.

Satellite Providers

The satellite connection is usually not suitable for online gaming. They are the solution for those who are not reached by ADSL and suitable for simpler browsing that is limited to browsing the web.