Best Seafood Restaurants in KL

frozen seafood in Malaysia

Now that all of us are in MCO, buying frozen seafood in Malaysia to cook for dinner even if it’s a special night. Sitting in a seafood restaurant is like nostalgia these days. Now, imagine this. After hearing about a lot of customers visiting a restaurant on social media so you decided to go there for dinner. You’re seated at the dining table, surrounded by fresh steamed crabs drowned in creamy spicy sauce, a plate of delectable butter prawns, and a sizzling plate of fresh grouper poached in lemon herb soup. Isn’t that a delicious view? As much as we enjoy getting our hands filthy and filling our lips with the sea’s bounty of flavours, our hearts drop when we see the price. Does this ring a bell? A small price to pay for a brief respite, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, where fresh seafood is rarely inexpensive, and cheap seafood is frequently not fresh. Hence, here is a list of seafood restaurants to go to once the MCO is lifted.

one seafood - Best Seafood Restaurants in KL
  • One Seafood

This restaurant should be on your must-visit list if you’re seeking a cool haven to escape the heat while enjoying local Asian seafood cuisine. One Seafood, located in the heart of the city, serves fresh lobsters, shrimp, geoducks, and excellent local crabs. You can simply check out their live seafood display in their aquariums and rest confident that your dinner for the night will be fresh.

  • Yamaguchi Fish Market

Those who have visited the fish markets in Japan can attest to the fact that it is a thrilling experience. While the same cannot be duplicated for Malaysians, we do have the Yamaguchi Fish Market, which is the next best thing. It’s Malaysia’s first Japanese-inspired fish market, with a vast selection of seafood. It has a wide variety of fish, oysters, clams, and even Alaskan snow crabs, which are a delicacy in and of themselves. Because this is a Japanese restaurant, you can order the seafood uncooked in the form of sashimi.

  • Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant

Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant, which has been established for more than 38 years, has never failed to impress seafood fans with their excellent cuisine of premium and imported seafood prepared by head chefs with much more than 30 years of experience. Every dish is cooked to perfection, from their renowned Sweet & Sour Spicy Crabs to their Butter Creamy River Prawns. Choose your favourite live seafood from the aquariums and pair it with your favourite flavours, such as Salted Egg, Sweet & Sour, Butter Creamy, Black Pepper, or Ginger Spring Onion. Furthermore, they are pork-free, allowing people of various races to enjoy the delicious seafood of Hokkaido!

  • Fatt Kee Roast Fish

Add this to your list if you enjoy spice and intensity. Keep in mind the level of spiciness because we don’t want your tongue or sense of taste to go numb when you’re enjoying the fresh seafood dishes. But, hey, congrats to you if you made it through the chilli!

  • Southern Rock Seafood

Southern Rock Seafood is unlike most seafood restaurants in KL in that it works in a completely different manner. It has two main areas of operation: the kitchen, which offers fresh seafood regularly, and the shopping department. Southern Rock Seafood is owned and operated by a family of fishmongers, so you can anticipate exceptionally fresh catches as well as some unusual seafood. They are well-known for their oysters, which are air-freighted from Australia’s regular Southern Ocean and Northern Europe.