Anal Plug (Sex Toy): How To Choose It And How To Use It

kedai alatan seks

You have been attracted to the idea of ​​trying the anal plug with your partner for some time. The toy intrigues you and you are the types to go for anything new. Especially in the area of ​​sex. You have already read that you have to handle it with care, never be abrupt and apply lubricant for optimal comfort, you just have to get started. To finish convincing you, here are four arguments that should not leave you indifferent.

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This sex toy has a very specific shape: a tapered end that widens then a wider base. It is used in couples. Madame surprise him! For a naughty moment, choose a plug adorned with a crystal, a pompom, and, why not, a foxtail? Alone, during a solitary pleasure session, do not hesitate to put on your sex toy. It increases pleasure tenfold. These are available at kedai alatan seks. My winning
the formula for gourmets:

Use An Anal Plug

You just have to present the tapered end of the sex toy against your anus; push it towards the interior of the sphincter; then make small circular movements to widen and soften your muscle. Yes, yes, presented like this it seems very simple. But don’t be fooled! The anus being very sensitive, do not forget to lubricate your anal plug for very smooth penetration. To facilitate penetration as a couple or solo, it is important to stimulate the anal area: either using your fingers or through rimming. But there, it is according to the tastes of each one.

Choosing The Right Plug

Anal plugs are available in different sizes, materials, colors. There are vibrating, inflatable, curvatures that are more specific to the stimulation of the point P – Gentlemen, I will come back to this subject later. Do you want to experience the anal plug for the first time? Take care to choose a quality sex toy. Go for a small, thin and smooth model. Take care to choose the length and width of your sex toy. A butt plug that is too large can feel uncomfortable. A solution to be sure not to make a mistake: the beginner sets. They consist of three anal plugs of different lengths and widths.

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