3 Interesting Facts About the Movie Casino

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casino - 3 Interesting Facts About the Movie Casino

The ‘Casino’ Movie was released in 1995 having crime and thriller as its theme. The movie was distributed by Universal Pictures. Martin Scorsese is the director of the movie where he is not only a director, but he is an actor, producer and a writer for other films and movies as well. Having gotten multiple awards just for the movie, besides collecting a net of 116.1 million USD, it is also available on Netflix for people to watch and enjoy it. Some of the main casts are Robert de Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone and many more. This movie is one of the best casino movies that one should really watch to get a gist on what a casino is all about and here are the interesting facts about the movie. 

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  1. A real casino is where it was shot 

The director of this movie thought that it would be a great idea to shoot the movie in a real casino, as it will be even more suitable in portraying the exact scenery to the audience. For Scorsese, building a virtual casino on a movie lot wouldn’t do it. But the thing about casinos is they never close and he took advantage of it, if casinos never close, they will be more timing for shootings.  So Scorsese made a deal with the Riviera in Las Vegas to shoot there for six weeks , four days a week (presumably Monday through Thursday), from midnight to 10 a.m. Midnight was chosen as that is when most people will be heading back to their homes after spending some quality night at the casino. 

2. One of the casts had broken he/her ribs

Yes, it is none other than Joe Pesci. There was a scene in the movie where Pesci will be hitten with a baseball hat. You guessed it ! That is when Pesci sustained a fractured rib. It is not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate as that was the final scene for him and it took place during that time. Adding to it, Robert De Niro, another cast member, had lost the same rib as him 15 years ago, during Raging Bull’s shooting. Therefore, it ended up as a lesson for the director to have chosen a more suitable cast or man for this scene due to this injury although it is not that serious. 

The lawyers that were present and who were involved with the movie at the studio were very nervous about “Casino,” which led them in changing the names of the characters and did not even let a single word about Chicago as headquarters of the mob in the film.The director of this movie also indicated that everything that was portrayed in the movie was real life incidents. 

In a nutshell, if you have not watched this movie yet, do watch it as soon as possible as it is all about casinos. Furthermore, if you are interested to know more about casinos or play some amusing games at online betting Malaysia.

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