3 Best Malaysia’s Interior Design Firms

Living room 930x600 - 3 Best Malaysia’s Interior Design Firms

As high rise buildings are becoming a norm in our modern era, everyone prefers a bigger, spacious and more luxurious atmosphere to fuel their ego or accommodate the family size. Interior design firms help to create a distinguishable room for their clients to make them and their visitors welcoming to their homes. Here are the top three interior design firms in Malaysia.

Norm Designhaus is a popular interior design firm in Malaysia that is known for its various projects such as Jentayu in Bandar Enstek, The Glades in Putra Heights and multiple projects in Mont Kiara such as the Pavilion Hilltop and Residence 22. They extended their services to also design for kitchens and exhibition booths to help their clients feel more luxurious when they are cooking in the kitchen and exhibitioners to attract a group of crowds. What makes them unique, however, is the accessibility to a 360 panorama view on some of their previous projects. This allows interested clients to view their projects without physically visiting the sites or rely on only pictures to make observations of their works. This also allows Norm Designhaus to become more credible than any of its competitors and take advantage of the advanced technology to enhance their business.

Next, we have Brian Robert Design which was established in 2014 by its owner, Brian Robert. Despite being established later than its competitors, Brian Robert Design has quickly made its way to climb its way to the top, ranking just below Norm Designhaus on Trusted Malaysia’s ranking. In order to fully understand the nature of minimalistic design, Brian Robert has dedicated himself to study 11 years in Japan to study and improve his craftsmanship. He later established his agency in Malaysia in 2014 and has quickly garnered the attention of major companies to work on projects such as The Astaka in Johor Bahru, Petaling Jaya’s PJ Midtown and Ecoworld Show Units in Kota Kemunting. With so many projects despite its young age, no wonder major companies have turned to Brian Robert Design to work on their projects.

Finally, Luxe Interior Design stands proud placing itself in third on the list. Although it is the youngest interior design company in this list, Luxe Interior Design has proven itself that it is no slouch and has competed even against some of the older and more successful interior design companies. It has won multiple awards in Asia Paciific Property Awards for some of their works such as Petterson, Abian Residence in Australia, They also extend their services to shopping malls to design kiosks by making them stand out almost as much as the stores they set up outside.

Although designing the exterior of the building is important, the interior matters as much too as everyone loves the feeling of having spacious rooms and the luxurious atmosphere that makes them feel like kings and queens. Interior design can also help to bring out the home owner’s personality and preference that visitors would be able to get at a glance of their room.

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